Re: Gripe (Score: 1)

by in Airless tires making inroads, off-road on 2017-02-05 18:53 (#2BK2S)

I expect commercial versions on non-pneumatic tires to not be open-air like those pictured.
Seems to me the tires pictured are the commercial version:

Stopped using phones completely (Score: 2, Funny)

by in Type of phones I use regularly: on 2015-07-28 22:45 (#FR2R)

I don't have a phone anymore since about two and a half year, and I love it.

I never miss it, except when buying (for example) a plane ticket through the internet because most sites refuse to make a booking without a phone number.

Re: Sounds interesting (Score: 1)

by in Distro Friday: GALPon MiniNo on 2014-07-13 14:22 (#2G2)

I agree: please review interesting distros in stead of randrom distros.

PipeDot is infected (Score: 5, Funny)

by in Rocket scientist reinvents the sauce pan: maybe cooking is rocket science after all! on 2014-07-11 12:06 (#2EZ)

I had hoped that this bacon meme would remain confined to SoylentNews.

Re: Yep (Score: 1)

by in Enough smartphones! I'd like to see more scientific progress in the field of: on 2014-07-10 00:01 (#2DV)

An even longer video, by EEVblog doing the maths.

His conclusion: under ideal circumstances it is not feasible, and circumstances will not be ideal.

Making no changes at all to what I do online (Score: 3, Insightful)

by in As a result of recent (Snowden, etc.) security revelations, I am: on 2014-06-16 10:19 (#23Z)

(1) The Snowden revelations informed the public at large what is going on. We (formers readers of /. and I suppose current readers of |. as well) knew already in general what was going on, Snowden merely confirmed what we knew and provided more details.

(2) If we start to self-censor, they win.

Re: Maths music love (Score: 1)

by in Anthropology and communicating with extraterrestrials on 2014-06-15 21:41 (#23R)

||| |||| |||||
||||| |||||||||||| |||||||||||||
||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Re: Maths music love (Score: 1)

by in Anthropology and communicating with extraterrestrials on 2014-06-15 21:36 (#23Q)


Re: Why are the numbers so low? (Score: 1)

by in What topics would we like to see here? on 2014-06-13 07:46 (#23D)

I guess you are right.

I had interpreted the "number of votes" as "the number of voters" (actually: I considered filling in several boxes as one vote, but that has the same result) and assumed the results were normalized over the number of voters.

It would be nice if the results would also show how many voters there are.

Why are the numbers so low? (Score: 1)

by in What topics would we like to see here? on 2014-06-12 16:28 (#22Y)

At this point 101 have voted, the highest count is "operating systems" with 14%

I'm a bit surprized, I would expect it to be far over 50%, the same goes for some of the other categories.

I added the percentages, they add up to 99%, which is not even 100% - I would expect a sum closer to, say, 200%.

Why come to this iste if you're hardly interested in the subjects discussed around here?

The only explanation I can imagine is that voters do not realize they can vote for more than one option (or even all of them) - maybe that needs to be made clear in the header. Or is the |. approval vote system bugged?

Re: A thumbnail directly connected to the story... (Score: 2, Funny)

by in Story Images on 2014-05-27 19:08 (#1XK)

It seems you want to breed fast spelling/grammar nazis.

Materialism? (Score: 1)

by in How materialism makes us sad on 2014-05-07 19:41 (#1FC)

What exactly is "materialism"?
- philosophical: everything is made of matter (and energy, by E=mc²) - in other words: there is no such thing as a soul.
- common: a tendency to collect property/money.

It seems they confuse both meanings, especially in a sentence like "the perceived shift towards more materialistic values in the west".

Both meanings are unrelated. I am a materialist in the first sense (for the moment, that is until there is scientific proof of the existence of something else - which would surprise me even if the possibility is not zero), but not in the second. I also know enough religious (so not materialist in the first meaning) people who are materialists in the second meaning.

Re: Not the only choice (Score: 3, Informative)

by in Ubuntu 14.04: don't touch those buttons! on 2014-05-06 22:23 (#1EK)

Even if using Ubuntu, one is not constrained to using Unity. Gnome, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, Cinnamon and others are available .

Bravo! (Score: 1)

by in Pipecode source released on 2014-05-06 21:44 (#1EJ)

Kudos for opening the source.

I got lured (Score: 1)

by in The Lure of Retro Computing on 2014-05-06 21:37 (#1EH)

I'm building a COSMAC ELF (with a 1802 processor from 1976) right now, for fun and to learn some esoteric machine code and Forth to wrap my mind around - and also because what I would really like to build is a spaceship .

NASA Technology Transfer Portal (Score: 2, Informative)

by in NASA Releases Over 1000 Projects as Open Source on 2014-04-11 12:51 (#11V)

The NASA Technology Transfer Portal has a search box and a Software Catalog ( PDF ).

Re: Cross-submitted to SoylentNews? (Score: 5, Informative)

by in NASA Releases Over 1000 Projects as Open Source on 2014-04-10 23:34 (#11R)

(1) For information to the editor - it is up to him or her if that remark remains.

(2) To prevent people from accusing one of both sites of "stealing" content from the other site ( yes, that has happened already ). Of course, somebody will find something else to complain about - even in the first post.

(3) To inform people who find the post interesting about another place where it may also be discussed - more information is more power.

Now that is out of the way: go download some code and schematics and build that spaceship.

I voted "Mild", for the same reason as why others voted "Ludicrously cold" (Score: 4, Informative)

by in Spring is here! But this winter was... on 2014-03-24 12:35 (#S4)

And that reason is the Jet Stream.

I live in Belgium, we had the second warmest winter since we started recording, and we broke the record for highest lowest temperature (it never went below -0.5 degrees Celsius).

The reason: the Jet Stream, which normally makes a wave movement, stayed in the same position for a very long time. For us that meant a constant supply of hot air and very warm weather. For England, the consequence was a lot of rain and storms. For the USA, the consequence was a constant supply of cold air and a very cold winter.

Now if the Jet Stream remains stable in a slightly different position (my country is only 300km*150km at its widest), we have a constant supply of cold air and very cold winters, like in the previous two years.

The diminishing of the wave movement of the Jet Stream seems to be caused by the lower difference in temperature between the arctic and the equator, due to the melting of the arctic ice, due to global warming.

Source, in Dutch:

Not surprized (Score: 5, Interesting)

by in Elephants Can Distinguish Human Voices by Ethnicity on 2014-03-11 03:09 (#E9)

Even lowly prairie dogs (meerkats) have "words" for "large thin human with a green shirt" or "small thick human with a blue shirt".

Re: I think we should go back to calling it "War Time" (Score: 1)

by in When someone near me says "Daylight Savings Time" instead of "Daylight Saving Time" I ... on 2014-03-10 21:07 (#DF)

In my country (Belgium), DST was introduced by the German invaders in 1916 (damn, wrong World War for a Godwin).

Original Cosmos series on Youtube (Score: 4, Informative)

by in Science TV Series Cosmos to Reboot on 2014-03-08 16:35 (#B3)

Original Cosmos series on Youtube .


Off-topic: posting a link (or any text) with an ampersand sign in it gives an error on PipeDot:
error: invalid value - method [post] type [string] name [comment] value [Original series on Youtube.]

Re: Depends on niche utility and marketing too (Score: 2, Funny)

by in Linux Insider investigates why some Linux distros just disappear on 2014-02-26 18:21 (#74)

I see your point.

Re: Depends on niche utility and marketing too (Score: 4, Informative)

by in Linux Insider investigates why some Linux distros just disappear on 2014-02-26 15:03 (#6W)

"... is a distro based on Ubuntu with an XFCE desktop styled to look like a Mac." Really? We need a whole new distro with all that entails (quality control, package management, etc.) just for Ubuntu+DE+Theme? Those are the ones that seem to melt into the sunset.

That would be Xubuntu, which is actually a very good distro. I was a SuSE user for many years (1998-2008), but I'm very happy with Xubuntu now and I don't think it will disappear soon. XFCE is very customizable, I changed the layout/theme for my needs, not looking like a Mac in any way. It has the advantages of Ubuntu without the disadvantages (being: Unity, the Amazon Spyware, Ubuntu One - but that can be installed if needed).

I have installed Xubuntu on several of my friend's and family's computer, non-technical people who are doing really well with it.

Re: Oh, very cool! (Score: 3, Funny)

by in Confessions of an iGoogle User on 2014-02-24 03:58 (#5J)


Re: Usenet: comp.misc (Score: 2, Insightful)

by in What "news for nerds" sites should I use? on 2014-02-23 14:00 (#51)

Thanks, bryan, you're doing great job with Pipedot.

Usenet: comp.misc (Score: 4, Informative)

by in What "news for nerds" sites should I use? on 2014-02-18 15:41 (#27)

There is an active group of slashdot refugees on Usenet at comp.misc .

You can read usenet through an account at or and then use a news reader like Thunderbird or Pan .

Alternatively you can get there through Google Groups or, if you want an interface which resembles Slashdot, through s'qute .

Here's an article about the /. refugees on Usenet.


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